Emergency Fire Blanket

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The Only Mess-free Fire Protection Equipment that can stop a fire before it turns into ablaze.
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Emergency Fire Blanket

A Must-Have Emergency Tool Recommended by Firefighters Everywhere!

Over a 5-year study, US Fire departments responded to an average of 354,400 home structure fires per year. These fire caused an average of 2,650 deaths, 11,220 injuries, and cost $6.9 billion in property damage EACH YEAR. People have stated if they would have had the X OUT Fire Blanket, they could have eliminated the fire before it turned in to ablaze.

Super Easy to Use!
Even children and elderly can use it.

Easy to Pull

Quickly and easily pull to use.

Suffocates Fires

Place over fire and it’ll quickly suffocate.

fire extinguisher

No Messy Clean-up

Mess-free and requires no clean-up.